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Panasonic MiniDV Head Cleaner Tape

Panasonic MiniDV Head Cleaner Tape

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This Panasonic MiniDV head cleaner tape is designed to do a complete cleaning in only 10 seconds and is suitable for all MiniDV camcorders from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, Sharp and others.


  • Brand new - factory sealed.
  • Dry cleaning system.
  • Clean entire tape travel path.
  • Designed to prolong the life of your MiniDV.
  • Package includes one tape.

Standard Cleaning Steps:

  • Consult your MiniDV's manual for recommended cleaning schedules and procedures. Each cleaning causes a certain amount of head wear so do not clean your heads more frequently than needed.
  • Insert and play the cleaning tape for 10 seconds. Using a cleaning tape more than 10 seconds at a time could cause it to damage your heads.
  • Eject the cleaning tape.
  • Insert a pre-recorded tape.
  • Play the tape and see if you have drop-outs in the picture. Let it play for a good 30 seconds or more and see if you have any more.
  • If the picture is still not clean, play the DV Cleaning Cassette again. However, separate each use by 10-second cool-down periods. Do not use the cleaning cassette more than 4 consecutive times.
  • Discard the cassette when the tape has reached the end.
  • In addition to regular scheduled cleanings, it is also recommended that you clean your heads when you switch brands or grades of tape, in case they use different types of lubricants that may be incompatible. We also recommend that you clean the heads after using a camera in an unusually dirty environment.