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USB Sim Card Reader (Used for Windows Vista System)

USB Sim Card Reader (Used for Windows Vista System)

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Product Details

The GSM SIM reader allows you to read, backup and modify information you may carry in your SIM card. It allows you to store, read and edit phonebook data and SMS messages.

Product Features:

  • Be fit for fashion people with many SIM cards to backup and modify information
  • Be able to copy the content of one SIM card to another
  • Information safekeeping, set, cancel, manage mobile PIN password
  • Support USB 2.0 to read and write quickly
  • Support GSM / CDMA / WCDMA
  • Beautiful contour, no extra power, USB port's instant plug and play.
  • Dimension: 2.5 x 1.2 x 0.5 Inch

System Require:

  • WIN98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista

Package Includes:

  • 1 Sim Reader
  • CD-ROM Driver

Compatible With ( Part Models )

  • Nokia
    Nokia 1100
    Nokia 1101
    Nokia 1108
    Nokia 1110
    Nokia 1112
    Nokia 1260
    Nokia 1261
    Nokia 1600
    Nokia 2100
    Nokia 2112
    Nokia 2115i
    Nokia 2116i
    Nokia 2125
    Nokia 2125i
    Nokia 2260
    Nokia 2270
    Nokia 2280
    Nokia 2285
    Nokia 2300
    Nokia 2310
    Nokia 2600
    Nokia 2610
    Nokia 2650
    Nokia 2652
    Nokia 2855
    Nokia 2865
    Nokia 3100
    Nokia 3105
    Nokia 3108
    Nokia 3120
    Nokia 3125
    Nokia 3155
    Nokia 3155i
    Nokia 3200
    Nokia 3205
    Nokia 3210
    Nokia 3220
    Nokia 3230
    Nokia 3250
    Nokia 3285
    Nokia 3300
    Nokia 3310
    Nokia 3330
    Nokia 3350
    Nokia 3360
    Nokia 3361
    Nokia 3390
    Nokia 3410
    Nokia 3510
    Nokia 3510i
    Nokia 3530
    Nokia 3560
    Nokia 3570
    Nokia 3585
    Nokia 3585i
    Nokia 3586i
    Nokia 3587i
    Nokia 3588i
    Nokia 3589i
    Nokia 3590
    Nokia 3595
    Nokia 3600
    Nokia 3610
    Nokia 3620
    Nokia 3650
    Nokia 3660
    Nokia 5100
    Nokia 5110
    Nokia 5140
    Nokia 5140i
    Nokia 5200
    Nokia 5210
    Nokia 5300
    Nokia 5510
    Nokia 6010
    Nokia 6015i
    Nokia 6016i
    Nokia 6019i
    Nokia 6020
    Nokia 6021
    Nokia 6030
    Nokia 6060
    Nokia 6070
    Nokia 6080
    Nokia 6100
    Nokia 6101
    Nokia 6102
    Nokia 6102i
    Nokia 6103
    Nokia 6108
    Nokia 6110
    Nokia 6111
    Nokia 6125
    Nokia 6131
    Nokia 6133
    Nokia 6136
    Nokia 6150
    Nokia 6151
    Nokia 6155
    Nokia 6165
    Nokia 6165i
    Nokia 6170
    Nokia 6200
    Nokia 6210
    Nokia 6220
    Nokia 6225
    Nokia 6230
    Nokia 6230i
    Nokia 6233
    Nokia 6235
    Nokia 6235i
    Nokia 6250
    Nokia 6255i
    Nokia 6256i
    Nokia 6260
    Nokia 6265
    Nokia 6265i
    Nokia 6270
    Nokia 6280
    Nokia 6310
    Nokia 6310i
    Nokia 6340
    Nokia 6500
    Nokia 6510
    Nokia 6560
    Nokia 6585
    Nokia 6590
    Nokia 6590i
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 6610
    Nokia 6610i
    Nokia 6620
    Nokia 6630
    Nokia 6650
    Nokia 6651
    Nokia 6670
    Nokia 6680
    Nokia 6681
    Nokia 6682
    Nokia 6800
    Nokia 6810
    Nokia 6820
    Nokia 6822
    Nokia 7110
    Nokia 7200
    Nokia 7210
    Nokia 7250
    Nokia 7250i
    Nokia 7260
    Nokia 7270
    Nokia 7280
    Nokia 7360
    Nokia 7370
    Nokia 7390
    Nokia 7600
    Nokia 7610
    Nokia 7650
    Nokia 7700
    Nokia 7710
    Nokia 8210
    Nokia 8250
    Nokia 8260
    Nokia 8265
    Nokia 8265i
    Nokia 8270
    Nokia 8290
    Nokia 8310
    Nokia 8800
    Nokia 8810
    Nokia 8850
    Nokia 8855
    Nokia 8890
    Nokia 8910
    Nokia 8910i
    Nokia 9110
    Nokia 9210C
    Nokia 9210i
    Nokia 9300
    Nokia 9500
    Nokia E50
    Nokia E70
    Nokia N70
    Nokia N72
    Nokia N73
    Nokia N90
    Nokia N91
    Nokia N92
    Nokia N93
    Nokia N-Gage
    Nokia N-Gage QD
  • Motorola
    Motorola A1200
    Motorola A1000
    Motorola A388
    Motorola A630
    Motorola A668
    Motorola A760
    Motorola A768i
    Motorola A780
    Motorola A830
    Motorola A835
    Motorola A840
    Motorola A845
    Motorola A925
    Motorola C155
    Motorola C250
    Motorola C330
    Motorola C331
    Motorola C332
    Motorola C333
    Motorola C333c
    Motorola C343
    Motorola C350
    Motorola C350
    Motorola C353
    Motorola C370
    Motorola C385
    Motorola C380
    Motorola C390
    Motorola C450
    Motorola C550
    Motorola C650
    Motorola C975
    Motorola C980
    Motorola E1000
    Motorola E310
    Motorola E310
    Motorola E360
    Motorola E365
    Motorola E380
    Motorola E398
    Motorola E550
    Motorola E680
    Motorola E680i
    Motorola E770V
    Motorola E815
    Motorola i205
    Motorola i305
    Motorola i530
    Motorola i560
    Motorola i760
    Motorola i850
    Motorola i860
    Motorola L6
    Motorola MPX
    Motorola MPX200
    Motorola MPX220
    Motorola P280
    Motorola T280
    Motorola T720
    Motorola T720
    Motorola T720c
    Motorola T720I
    Motorola T721
    Motorola T722I
    Motorola T725
    Motorola T730
    Motorola T731
    Motorola V1050
    Motorola V120
    Motorola V120c
    Motorola V120e
    Motorola V120x
    Motorola V150
    Motorola V171
    Motorola V180
    Motorola V180
    Motorola V186
    Motorola V188
    Motorola V200
    Motorola V220
    Motorola V220
    Motorola V235
    Motorola V260
    Motorola V262
    Motorola V265
    Motorola V266
    Motorola V270
    Motorola V276
    Motorola V280
    Motorola V300
    Motorola V303
    Motorola V323
    Motorola V325
    Motorola V330
    Motorola V360
    Motorola V361
    Motorola V3688
    Motorola V400
    Motorola V400p
    Motorola V500
    Motorola V505
    Motorola V525
    Motorola V535
    Motorola V540
    Motorola V550
    Motorola V551
    Motorola V555
    Motorola V557
    Motorola V557
    Motorola V560
    Motorola V600
    Motorola V600
    Motorola V60i
    Motorola V60p
    Motorola V60s
    Motorola V620
    Motorola V620
    Motorola V635
    Motorola V65p
    Motorola V66
    Motorola V690
    Motorola V70
    Motorola V710
    Motorola V80
    Motorola V8088
    Motorola V810
    Motorola V872
    Motorola V878
    Motorola V975
    Motorola V980
    Motorola V998
    Motorola Razr V3
    Motorola Razr V3c
    Motorola Razr V3i
    Motorola Razr V3m
    Motorola Razr V3r
    Motorola Razr V3t
    Motorola ROKR E1
    Motorola ROKR E2
    Motorola SLVR L2
    Motorola SLVR L6
    Motorola SLVR L7
    Motorola SLVR L7c
    Motorola SLVR L8
    Motorola SLVR V8
  • Samsung
    Samsung A561
    Samsung A601
    Samsung A707
    Samsung A800
    Samsung A809
    Samsung C100
    Samsung D410
    Samsung D410
    Samsung D500
    Samsung E300
    Samsung E310
    Samsung E330
    Samsung E400
    Samsung E600
    Samsung E700
    Samsung E705
    Samsung E710
    Samsung E800
    Samsung E820
    Samsung i300
    Samsung N361
    Samsung P400
    Samsung P510
    Samsung S500
    Samsung T100
    Samsung T108
    Samsung V200
    Samsung X100
    Samsung X199
    Samsung X209
    Samsung X219
    Samsung X319
    Samsung X339
    Samsung X359
    Samsung X450
    Samsung X559
    Samsung X600
    Samsung X609
    Samsung X659
    Samsung A310
    Samsung A530
    Samsung A600
    Samsung A610
    Samsung A650
    Samsung A660
    Samsung A670
    Samsung A680
    Samsung A690
    Samsung A740
    Samsung A790
    Samsung A790
    Samsung A880
    Samsung C200
    Samsung C207
    Samsung C225
    Samsung d500
    Samsung D500E
    Samsung D520
    Samsung D600
    Samsung D600E
    Samsung D800
    Samsung D820
    Samsung D828
    Samsung E100
    Samsung E316
    Samsung E350
    Samsung E370
    Samsung E530
    Samsung E620
    Samsung E630
    Samsung E635
    Samsung E715
    Samsung E720
    Samsung E730
    Samsung E760
    Samsung E770
    Samsung i500
    Samsung I600
    Samsung I600
    Samsung i700
    Samsung i730
    Samsung N330
    Samsung P107
    Samsung P777
    Samsung S105
    Samsung S307
    Samsung T400
    Samsung V205
    Samsung V206
    Samsung X105
    Samsung X426
    Samsung X427
    Samsung X460
    Samsung X475
    Samsung X480
    Samsung X495
    Samsung X640
    Samsung X700
    Samsung X800
    Samsung Z130
    Samsung Z320i
    Samsung Z500
    Samsung Z510
    Samsung Z540
  • LG
    LG A7110
    LG AX5000
    LG C1300
    LG C1400
    LG C1500
    LG C2000
    LG CG225
    LG F2400
    LG F9100
    LG G4015
    LG G4020
    LG G4050
    LG L1100
    LG L1150
    LG L1200
    LG L1400
    LG L1400i
    LG LX1200
    LG LX5550
    LG P7200
    LG U8380
    LG UX4750
    LG VI5225
    LG VX10
    LG VX2000
    LG VX3200
    LG VX3300
    LG VX4400
    LG VX4500
    LG VX4600
    LG VX4650
    LG VX4700
    LG VX5200
    LG VX6000
    LG VX6100
    LG VX7000
    LG VX8100
    LG VX8300
    LG VX8500
    LG LX5450
    LG PM225
    LG PM325
  • Sony Ericsson
    Sony Ericsson A2618
    Sony Ericsson D750i
    Sony Ericsson F500i
    Sony Ericsson J100a
    Sony Ericsson J200c
    Sony Ericsson J210i
    Sony Ericsson J220a
    Sony Ericsson J220C
    Sony Ericsson J230C
    Sony Ericsson J300a
    Sony Ericsson J300c
    Sony Ericsson J300i
    Sony Ericsson K300a
    Sony Ericsson K300c
    Sony Ericsson K300i
    Sony Ericsson K310C
    Sony Ericsson K500
    Sony Ericsson K500c
    Sony Ericsson K500i
    Sony Ericsson K506c
    Sony Ericsson K508c
    Sony Ericsson K508i
    Sony Ericsson K600i
    Sony Ericsson K608i
    Sony Ericsson K610C
    Sony Ericsson K700
    Sony Ericsson K700c
    Sony Ericsson K700i
    Sony Ericsson K750c
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Sony Ericsson K758C
    Sony Ericsson K790a
    Sony Ericsson M608C
    Sony Ericsson P800
    Sony Ericsson P802
    Sony Ericsson P900
    Sony Ericsson P910
    Sony Ericsson P910a
    Sony Ericsson P910c
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    Sony Ericsson S600c
    Sony Ericsson S700
    Sony Ericsson S700c
    Sony Ericsson S700i
    Sony Ericsson S710a
    Sony Ericsson T100
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    Sony Ericsson T200
    Sony Ericsson T226
    Sony Ericsson T230
    Sony Ericsson T237
    Sony Ericsson T28
    Sony Ericsson T290a
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    Sony Ericsson T618
    Sony Ericsson T630
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    Sony Ericsson W300C
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    Sony Ericsson W800
    Sony Ericsson W800c
    Sony Ericsson W800i
    Sony Ericsson W810
    Sony Ericsson W810C
    Sony Ericsson W850i
    Sony Ericsson W950i
    Sony Ericsson Z1010
    Sony Ericsson Z200
    Sony Ericsson Z208
    Sony Ericsson Z500
    Sony Ericsson Z500a
    Sony Ericsson Z520
    Sony Ericsson Z520a
    Sony Ericsson Z520C
    Sony Ericsson Z520i
    Sony Ericsson Z525a
    Sony Ericsson Z530C
    Sony Ericsson Z600
    Sony Ericsson Z710i
    Sony Ericsson Z800i
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