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18.5V 3.5A AC Adapter with US Power Cord for HP Compaq B3300 B3800 C500 Series(4.8mm/1.7mm)

18.5V 3.5A AC Adapter with US Power Cord for HP Compaq B3300 B3800 C500 Series(4.8mm/1.7mm)

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  • Input: 100-240V 1.6A 50-60Hz or 100-240V 2.5A 50-60Hz (We will send one at random)
  • Output: 18.5V 3.5A 65W
  • 1 Months Warranty
  • Output Connector: 4.8*1.7
  • US Power Cord is included

Compatible Laptop Models:

  • Compaq Evo N800c
  • Compaq Presario B3000 Series
    • Covers Models B3300, B3800, B3800 CTO, B3801, B3801AP, B3802, B3802AP, B3803, B3803AP, B3804, B3804AP, B3805, B3805AP, B3806, B3806AP, B3807, B3807AP, B3808, B3808AP, B3809, B3809AP, B3810, B3810AP, B3811, B3811AP, B3812, B3812AP, B3813, B3813AP, B3814, B3814AP, B3815, B3815AP, B3816, B3816AP, B3817, B3817AP, B3818, B3818AP, B3819, B3819AP, B3820, B3820AP, B3821, B3821AP, B3822, B3822AP, B3823, B3823AP, B3824, B3824AP, B3825, B3825AP, B3826, B3826AP, B3827, B3827AP, B3828, B3828AP, B3829, B3829AP
  • Compaq Presario B2000 Series
    • Covers Models B2000, B2001, B2001AP, B2002, B2002AP, B2003, B2003AP, B2004, B2004AP, B2005, B2005AL, B2005AP, B2006, B2006AL, B2007, B2007AL, B2008, B2008AL, B2009, B2009AP, B2010, B2010AL, B2011, B2011AP, B2012, B2012AP, B2013, B2013AP, B2015, B2015AP, B2017, B2017AL, B2018, B2018AL, B2019, B2019AP, B2020, B2020AP, B2021, B2021AL, B2022, B2022AL, B2023, B2023AL, B2024, B2024AP, B2025, B2025AP, B2026, B2026AL, B2028, B2028AP, B2029, B2029AP, B2030, B2030AP, B2031, B2031AP, B2032, B2032AP, B2033, B2033AL, B2034, B2034AL, B2035, B2035AP, B2036, B2036AP, B2037, B2037AP, B2038, B2038AP, B2039, B2039AP, B2040, B2040AL
  • Compaq Presario B1900 Series
    • Covers Models B1900, B1901JP, B1901TU, B1902JP, B1902TU, B1903JP, B1903TU, B1904TU, B1905TU, B1906TU, B1907TU, B1908TU, B1909TU, B1910TU, B1911TU, B1912TU, B1913TU, B1914TU, B1915TU, B1916TU, B1917TU, B1918TU, B1919TU, B1920TU, B1921TU, B1922TU, B1923TU, B1924TU, B1925TU, B1926TU, B1927TU, B1928TU, B1931TU, B1933TU
  • Compaq Presario B1800 Series
    • Covers Models B1800, B1800 CTO, B1800CTO, B1800TU, B1801, B1801TU, B1802, B1802TU, B1803, B1803TU, B1804, B1804TU, B1805, B1805TU, B1806, B1806TU, B1807, B1807TU, B1808, B1808TU, B1809, B1809TU, B1810, B1810TU, B1811, B1811TU, B1812, B1812TU, B1813, B1813TU, B1814, B1814TU, B1815, B1815TU, B1816, B1816TU, B1817, B1817TU, B1818, B1818TU, B1819, B1819TU, B1820, B1820TU, B1821, B1821TU, B1822, B1822TU, B1823, B1823TU, B1824, B1824TU, B1825, B1825TU, B1826, B1826TU, B1827, B1827TU, B1828, B1828TU, B1829, B1829TU, B1830, B1830TU, B1831, B1831TU, B1832, B1832TU, B1833, B1833TU, B1834, B1834TU, B1835, B1835TU, B1836, B1836TU, B1837, B1837TU, B1838, B1838TU