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16V 3.75A Replacement AC Adapter with US Power Cord for Fujitsu Laptop (6.5*4.4mm+Pin)

16V 3.75A Replacement AC Adapter with US Power Cord for Fujitsu Laptop (6.5*4.4mm+Pin)

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Product Details
  • Input Voltage Range: 100-240V
  • Output: 16V, 3.75A, 60W
  • Condition: Brand New, 3 months warranty
  • US Power cord is included
  • Plug Size: 6.5*4.4mm+Pin
  • Replace Part Number: 1007-0600 FMW-AC317 FMW-AC7 FMWACCA FPCAC02 FPCAC05 FPCAC06 FPCAC07 FPCAC08 FPCAC14 FPCAC14A FPCAC23 FPCAC28AP PSCV480103A PSCV600104A CA01007-0850 CA01007-0870
Compatible With : [Fujisu]
  • Fujisu lifebook 200 series: 200 270 270DX 280 280DX
  • Fujisu lifebook 400 Series: 400 420 420D 435 435DX 470
  • Fujisu lifebook 500 Series: 500 500SR 520 520D 520T 529 530 530T 531T 531TX 535 535T 535TX 555 555TX 556 556TX 565 565TX 585 585T 585TX
  • Fujisu lifebook 600 Series: 600 635 635T 635TX 655 655T 655TX 656TX 665 675 675TX 690 690TX 695
  • Fujisu lifebook 700 Series: 735 735CDT 735DX 735TX 755 755TX 756 765 765DX 765TX 770 770TX 780 780TX 785 785TX 790 790TX
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  • Fujisu Lifebook E Series: E330, E335, E340, E342, E350, E360, E362, E6520, E6530, E6541, E6550, E6555, E6575, E6577, E6595, E6596
  • Fujisu Lifebook i Series: i4120, i4170, i4177, i4178, i4187, i4190
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