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2 x 2500mAh Battery + Charger for Panasonic CGA-DU06 CGA-DU21 (US Standard)

2 x 2500mAh Battery + Charger for Panasonic CGA-DU06 CGA-DU21 (US Standard)

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[Charger for Panasonic CGA-DU21]


  • Do not plug directly into your digital.
  • LED turns from red to green when battery is fully charged.


  • DC Desktop Wall Charger Output: DC 8.4V 600mA
  • AC Desktop Wall Charger Input: AC 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz, max 150mA
  • DC Car Charger Input: DC 12V ~ 24V
  • Portable design
  • Smart LED indication
  • Short-circuit protection
  • The car charger includes fuse protected 4' coiled DC cord
  • US type AC plug swings into the back of the charger for easy storage
  • Charging Time (For your reference only): 2 ~ 4 hours

[Battery for Panasonic CGA-DU21]


  • Capacity: 2500mAh
  • Voltage: 7.4V
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Memory Effect: No
  • Integrated Microchip: Prevent overcharging & lengthens battery life
  • Dimension (L×W×H): 1.57 x 1.42 x 1.77in (40 x 36 x 45mm)

Package Included:

  • 1 x AC/DC desktop wall charger (US standard)
  • 1 x DC car charger
  • 2 x Battery

Compatible With Battery P/N.:

  • Panasonic: CGA-DU06, CGA-DU06A/1B, CGA-DU07, CGA-DU07A, CGA-DU07A/1B, CGA-DU07E/1B, CGA-DU12, CGA-DU12A/1B, CGA-DU14, CGA-DU14A/1B, CGA-DU14E/1B, CGA-DU21, CGA-DU21A/1B, CGA-DU21E/1B, CGR-DU07, PV-DAC13, PV-DAC14, VSK0651B, VW-VBD07, VW-VBD070, VW-VBD140, VW-VBD210
  • Hitachi: BZ-BP14S, BZ-BP14SW, DZ-BP07P, DZ-BP07PW, DZ-BP14S, DZ-BP14SJ, DZ-BP7S, DZ-BP7SW

Compatible Models:

  • Panasonic NV Series: NV-GS10, NV-GS100K, NV-GS120K, NV-GS140E-S, NV-GS150, NV-GS150E-S, NV-GS17E-S, NV-GS17EF-S, NV-GS180, NV-GS180E-S, NV-GS180EB-S, NV-GS180EF-S, NV-GS180EG-S, NV-GS188GK, NV-GS188GK-S, NV-GS200K, NV-GS21E-S, NV-GS230, NV-GS230E-S, NV-GS230EB-S, NV-GS230EG-S, NV-GS250, NV-GS250E-S, NV-GS26GK, NV-GS26GK-S, NV-GS27, NV-GS27E-S, NV-GS27EB-S, NV-GS27EF-S, NV-GS27EG-S, NV-GS280EB-S, NV-GS280EG-S, NV-GS30, NV-GS300, NV-GS300E-S, NV-GS300EB-S, NV-GS300EG-S, NV-GS308GK, NV-GS308GK-S, NV-GS320, NV-GS320E-S, NV-GS320EB-S, NV-GS320EG-S, NV-GS35E-S, NV-GS37, NV-GS37E-S, NV-GS37EB-S, NV-GS37EG-S, NV-GS40, NV-GS400K, NV-GS50, NV-GS500, NV-GS500E-S, NV-GS500EB-S, NV-GS500EG-S, NV-GS508GK, NV-GS508GK-S, NV-GS55K, NV-GS58GK, NV-GS58GK-S, NV-GS60, NV-GS60EB-S, NV-GS60EG-S, NV-GS65, NV-GS70, NV-GS80, NV-GS80E-S, NV-GS80EB-S, NV-GS80EG-S, NV-GS85

  • Panasonic PV Series: PV-GS180, PV-GS19, PV-GS29, PV-GS300, PV-GS31, PV-GS320, PV-GS35, PV-GS36, PV-GS39, PV-GS50, PV-GS500, PV-GS50S, PV-GS59, PV-GS65, PV-GS70, PV-GS80, PV-GS83, PV-GS85

  • Panasonic SDR Series: SDR-H18, SDR-H20, SDR-H200, SDR-H20E-S, SDR-H20EB-S, SDR-H20EG-S, SDR-H250, SDR-H250E-S, SDR-H250EB-S, SDR-H250EG-S

  • Panasonic VDR Series: VDR-D100, VDR-D100EB-S, VDR-D150, VDR-D150E-S, VDR-D150EB-S, VDR-D150EF-S, VDR-D150EG-S, VDR-D158GK, VDR-D160, VDR-D160E-S, VDR-D160EB-S, VDR-D160EG-S, VDR-D200, VDR-D210, VDR-D220, VDR-D220E-S, VDR-D220EB-S, VDR-D220EG-S, VDR-D230, VDR-D250E-S, VDR-D250EB-S, VDR-D250EG-S, VDR-D250?NV-GS280, VDR-D258GK, VDR-D300, VDR-D300E-S, VDR-D300EB-S, VDR-D300EG-S, VDR-D308GK, VDR-D310, VDR-D310E-S, VDR-D310EB-S, VDR-D310EG-S, VDR-D400, VDR-M30, VDR-M50PP, VDR-M53, VDR-M55E-S, VDR-M70PP, VDR-M75, VDR-M75E-S

  • Hitachi DZ Series: DZ-BD70, DZ-BD7H, DZ-BD7HA, DZ-BX35A, DZ-BX35E, DZ-BX37E, DZ-GX20, DZ-GX20A,, DZ-GX20E, DZ-GX3100, DZ-GX3100A, DZ-GX3100E, DZ-GX3200, DZ-GX3200A, DZ-GX3200E, DZ-GX3300(B), DZ-GX3300(S), DZ-GX3300A, DZ-GX3300E, DZ-GX5000A, DZ-GX5020A, DZ-GX5060SW, DZ-GX5080A, DZ-GX5100SW, DZ-GX5300, DZ-HS300, DZ-HS300A, DZ-HS300E, DZ-HS301E, DZ-HS301SW, DZ-HS303, DZ-HS303A, DZ-HS303E, DZ-HS303SW, DZ-HS401, DZ-HS403, DZ-HS500A, DZ-HS500SW, DZ-HS501E, DZ-HS503, DZ-MV350A, DZ-MV380A, DZ-MV730, DZ-MV730A, DZ-MV730E, DZ-MV750, DZ-MV750E, DZ-MV750MA, DZ-MV780, DZ-MV780E