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2000mAh Cordless Phone Rechargeable Battery for Uniden BT-905

2000mAh Cordless Phone Rechargeable Battery for Uniden BT-905

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Brand new rechargeable battery
It's the best replacement for original battery
Output Voltage: 3.6V
Capacity: 2000mAh
Battery Type: Ni-MH
Compatible with P/N: BT-905, BT-800
No memory effect
Quantity: 1


Compatible With Uniden:
24-148 AE255
BBTY0300001 BBTY0444001 BBTY0449001 BT800 BT905
CP355 CXAI5198
DXA6505 DXAI3288-2 DXAI388-2 DXAI5188-2 DXAI7288-2 DXI3286-2 DXI386-2 DXI5186-2 DXI-7286-2 DXI986-2
EHD1200 EX1960 EX1980 EX2100 EX255 EX3101 EX3102 EX3800 EX3810 EX4100 EX4101 EX4102 EX4800 EX905 EX925 EX945 EX965 EXA2245 EXA2850 EXA2950 EXA2955 EXA3245 EXA3955 EXA6950 EXA7250 EXA7950 EXA8955 EXA915 EXA918 EXA950 EXAI2248 EXAI2248i EXAI2980 EXAI3248 EXAI3248i EXAI378 EXAI398 EXAI3985 EXAI3985 EXAI5180 EXAI6980 EXAI7248 EXAI7248i EXAI7980 EXAI8985 EXAI8985HS EXAI918 EXAI918i EXAI978 EXAI978i EXAI980 EXAI985HS EXI2246 EXI2926 EXI2960 EXI2965 EXI3226 EXI3246 EXI376 EXI386 EXI3965 EXI5160 EXI6960 EXI7246 EXI7246c EXI7926 EXI7960 EXI8600A EXI8965 EXI8966 EXI916 EXI917 EXI960 EXI975 EXI976 EXL8900 EXL8901 EXL8945 EXLA8950 EXLI8962 EXP2240 EXP2241 EXP2243 EXP2800 EXP2900 EXP2901 EXP2903 EXP2905 EXP3240 EXP3241 EXP6900 EXP7240 EXP7241 EXP7900 EXP7901 EXP7902 EXP7903 EXP7904 EXP8000A EXP91 EXP92 EXP920 EXP93 EXP97 EXS2010 EXS2050 EXS2060 EXS2080 EXS9005 EXT1160 EXT1165 EXT1265 EXT1365 EXT1760 EXT1865 EXT3165 EXV990 EZI996
TRU241 TRU246 TRU248 TRU341 TRU3455 TRU346 TRU3465 TRU3466 TRU348 TRU3485 TRU546 TRU548
XE895 XE8950 XE965 XE985

Package Includes:

1x Cordless Phone Rechargeable Battery for Uniden BT-905