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Motorcycle Heated Warm Hot Grips Handle Bars

Motorcycle Heated Warm Hot Grips Handle Bars

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  • Motorcycle heated grips
  • Good replacement for the original handle bars
  • With a high temperature 75 degrees, low temperature 50 degrees and close switch
  • Keep your hands warm while riding in the winter
  • Material: Plastic, metal
  • Color: Black


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Heating Core Temperature Resistance: 150℃
  • Left Handle Length:4.7inch / 120mm
  • Right Handle Length:4.96inch / 126mm
  • Handle Outside Diameter: 1.38inch / 3.5cm
  • Handle Steel Pipe Diameter: 0.87inch / 2.2cm

Installation Instruction and wiring rules:

  • (Throttle)Right Handle Installation:
  • Plug the throttle plate (which has two throttle cable hole) into the throttle sleeve (outside which has convex teeth), assembled into the throttle assembly and mount on the motorcycle throttle seat, then hang up the throttle cable.
  • Close the cover of throttle seat, and then rotate the exposed throttle sleeve (should be flexible), if not flexible, to illustrate there exists block touch between the throttle assembly and the throttle seat; polished the touch part with a file. Coating oil on the throttle assembly and the handle pipe will more flexible.
  • Right hand inserted into the handle tube, handle groove fit the throttle sleeve’s convex teeth, tighten the handle with a hex head tool.
  • Leave a gap of 1-2mm between Right hand and the throttle seat, otherwise the touching caused by the handle rotating mechanism to the throttle seat will affect the rotation flexibility.
  • Left Handle Installation:
  • If the original car left grip is hard to remove, it is recommended using a towel wrapped around this left handlebar, pouring the hot water in the towel to soften the handlebar, it is desirable to remove it.
  • Plug the left handlebar into the left steel tube, and then tighten the hex head screw to fasten the left grip.
  • Balance Plug Installation:
  • Wear the plug and expansion rubber plug into one with threaded rod, insert into the handle steel tube. 25.4 mm handlebar steel tube need 20mm expansion rubber plug, or with a small expansion rubber plug screw is not tight.
  • Plug and throttle right hand should stay gap so as not to affect the handle rotation.
  • Plug role: Keep the handle from slipping out in the time of the accident, to prevent security incidents! Warning: You must install the plug, or a safety hazard!
  • Positioning Ring Installation:
  • Handle steel tube outer diameter of 22 mm, must stuff the positioning ring in the tale of right &left handlebar, anti handle tail swing.
  • Look at the positioning ring’s inner bore, small and there’s tendons, insert the left handlebar; big and smooth, insert into the right handle grip.
  • Wire Connection Rules:
  • The left handlebar’s male plug connects to the right handlebar’s female plug. The left two male plugs of the left handlebar connect to the vehicle power supply (the red male plug connects the positive pole, while the black one connects the negative pole). Reversed connection does not burn out handlebar, but the indicator light is not on.

Package Includes:

  • 1 pair of hot grips (left + right)
  • 2 x cables
  • 2 x locating ring
  • 2 x accelerator set
  • 1 x “L” stick
  • 1 x accelerator
  • 2 x balance plug


  • You must install the plug, or a safety hazard!
  • You must drill a M3-3.6 mm hole in the screw print of the handgrip steel tube. Put the screw on the hoop into the hole to prevent the handle accidentally come pose a security risk!
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