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Indoor 225 LED Grow Light Lamp 14W Blue Red Orange White Hydroponic Plant Panel UK

Indoor 225 LED Grow Light Lamp 14W Blue Red Orange White Hydroponic Plant Panel UK

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Orange White Blue Red Mixed Grow Light Panel is perfect for your plants to promote better growth. 100% of the power input for our LED grow lights is used for higher chlorophyll and organic material production. All 630-660nm red or orange color and 450nm blue color which can be absorbed well by chlorophyll can make your plants flourish more and thickset. White light are good for your plants to absorb other lighting spectrums as supplementary like natural sunlight. With our four-color grow light panel, you can give full care to your plants.
They are suitable for home garden, greenhouse, farm where need artificial lights for the plants. Perfect for all phase of plant growth.
Advantages of Our Upgraded LED Grow Lights:

  • The lumen of each LED is better and more effective than other original lights in the market.It's useful to control the florescence and perfect for indoor growing which's necessary in hydroponic grow system.
  • Larger coverage and further distance lighting make plants absorb the more effective light.
  • Provides enough "sunlight" to maintain oxygen production by aquatic's photosynthesis for fishes.Good effect for Coral, Float grass, and Alga to promote better growth than other LED grow light Panels.
  • Much Safer:Our upgraded plant light fixture has the better structure of parallel connection and no infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation to destroy your plants.
  • Better for Environment: It saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes.
  • When your plants need more light please lower down the lamp. And the plant growth light wouldn't burn the plants when closing to them.
  • More convenient:AC85-264V full voltage with U.K. standard plug for your easy using.
  • Note:If you use the grow light in other country, please make sure to use it with your Traveler Adapter.


  • Made by plastic shell, including 225 PCS small power LED, with high performance, low consumption, etc.
  • Can be combined with fluorescent lighting;
  • Environment-friendly: no mercury and other harmful heavy metal, no light harmful for plant
  • Energy-saving: emitting light fully absorbed by plant, much efficiency compared to HID grow lights to produce the same result.
  • This one also can be used as LED ceiling light, very suitable for the large size of the illumination, such as the hotel hobby, warehouse, workshop, station etc .
  • You can choose the wavelength and color ratio which is most suitable for your plant.

Product Specifications:

  • LED Quantity: 225(77pcs Red +47pcs Blue +77pcs Orange +24pcs White)
  • Power:14 W
  • Input Voltage: AC85~264V
  • Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
  • Red:630nm
  • White:12000K
  • Color:Blue,red and orange
  • Material: ABS
  • Box size: Approx.365*320*50 mm
  • LED Light Size:Approx.310*310*36mm

Economic Efficiency:

  • Help increase yield of plants
  • CE&ROHS certificates
  • Working environment : -20~40°C
  • High efficiency, Wide angle, long lifespan and good  heat solutions.  

Installation Precautions:

  • Do work under normal environment.
  • Do not touch or beat the product when working.
  • Non waterproof, Do not drip the water in.  

Maintenance issues Service:

  • Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based.
  • The lighting area and height above the plant can be changed according to different  plants and environment, and also technical parameters are changed.
  • With CE & RoHS approval.
  • Sample order with customized color ratio is acceptable.

Package includes:

  • 1 x 225 LED Plant Grow Light Panel
  • 1 x Set Hanging Kit