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X3 5.5" HUD Car OBDII/EUOBD Bluetooth Head Up Display MPH Speed Warning

X3 5.5" HUD Car OBDII/EUOBD Bluetooth Head Up Display MPH Speed Warning

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The product is developed for safe driving of auto. When an auto is at high speed, especially at night, if the driver lowers his head to watch meters or audio display, he will not take effective measures in time when some emergencies appear suddenly. At that critical time, Activesafety HUD reflects very exquisite care by projecting the important information of meters display on front windshield in auto moving, such as speed. Not only does it helps new driver of less experience to control the speed to avoid overspeed in some speed limit road section, but also it makes the driver read the data rapidly without transforming vision and keep the best watch state sobermindedly.


  • Automatic adaptation models, in line with OBDII or EUOBD models Plug Ready to use (car auto diagnostic system). Ideal for all types of R/C ( Cars, Boats, Planes )
  • Vehicle speed, engine speed, water temperature (voltage / throttle position / ignition advance angle / 100 km Acceleration), fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel tips, rest tips, engine failure, 3.Displayed simultaneously
  • Normal display mode, high-speed display mode, automatic display mode can be chosen
  • Free switch. km miles freely switch, which greatly facilitates Inch Auto Meter
  • Suitable size.5.5inch display area, more conducive to the data read
  • Switcher, launch vehicle, lorry shutdown, effectively protect the car battery; while preserving the hand Switch machine way more beneficial to control the HUD
  • Flexible alarm mode. speed single-stage and four alarm modes, more conductive to driving safety
  • Speed alarm, there is conducive to the timely shift to achieve the purpose of the saving the novice also has a special Significance
  • Flexible brightness adjustment. automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, not dazzling
  • Display color: white+yellow color


  • Environment Temperature: -40~+80 degrees
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106kpa
  • Relative humidity: 10% 95%
  • Environmental noise < = 60 db (A)
  • Alarm Sound Level:>=30db
  • Working Voltage: 9v~16vdc (12vdc/400mA)
  • SIZE: Approx. 150*85*14mm / 5.91x3.35x0.55inch
  • Weight: Approx. 278g


  • 1-Parameter value: show the value with the units of kilometers, miles and engine speed
  • 2-OBDII port: connect the car and HUD
  • 3-Fuel icon: flash when the fuel is not enough to drive 100km
  • 4-Engine failure: flash when vehicle’s engine has problems
  • 5-Engine speed: show the state of engine speed
  • 6-Engine speed icon: indicate the parameter value of engine with units of 1000r. It will flash when engine speed is alarming
  • 7-Speed alarm: flash when speed exceeds the preset values
  • 8-Rest tips: flash when drive continuously for more than 4 hours with HUD starting
  • 9-Sound switch: light when voice alarm is opened
  • 10-Fuel consumption icon: show fuel consumption is calculating
  • 11-Fuel parameter value: show the consumption of fuel in recent driving
  • 12-Dial button: multi-function switch, you can dial to left or right, you can enter into setting mode by long press. And also has the ability to decrease or increase fuel
  • 13-Fuel consumption per hour: show oil mass consumption per hour in driving
  • 14-Light sensor: sense the external light intensity and adjust the HUD’s brightness to adapt to environment automatically
  • 15-Fuel consumption per 100km: show the fuel consumption per 100km in driving
  • 16-Voltage, throttle valve, water temperature, ignition advance angle and acceleration per 100km: voltage shows the vehicle’s voltage; throttle valve shows the size of itself; water temperature shows the temperature of vehicle cooling fluid; ignition advance angle shows the angle of twist in firing, it’s also a mark of engine’s efficiency. Acceleration per 100km shows performance of the vehicle’s acceleration per 100km.
  • 17-Seconds: show the unit of acceleration per 100km
  • 18-Parameter value: show parameter value of Voltage, throttle valve, water temperature, ignition advance angle and acceleration per 100km
  • 19-Mileage: light when the fuel only sustains 100km
  • 20-Reel per minute: show the unit of engine speed if you multiply the parameter value with 10
  • 21-Kilometer per hour: show the unit of speed
  • 22-Mile per hour: show the unit of speed

Package Includes:

  • 1*HUD
  • 1*OBD Cable
  • 1*Reflecting Film
  • 1*Anti-slip Pad
  • 1*User Manual