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Amazing Cool Magic Ferrous Coin Vanish Disappear Trick

Amazing Cool Magic Ferrous Coin Vanish Disappear Trick

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This gimmick allows you to make a ferrous coin vanish in your hand. Very incredible!


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastics
  • A black disc with a springback line inside
  • Diameter of The Disc: Approx. 1 1/4 inch (3.2cm)
  • Length of The Line: Approx. 21 inch (53.34cm)
  • A hook on it for hanging on the buckle
  • A small magnet used for sucking the ferrous coin
  • Rubber skin wrapping the magnet makes noise lower
  • Suitable for Iron coins

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Coin disappear device


During the magic show,the magician’s thinking,action and speech are very important. By integrating them seamlessly,he can complete a wonderful show successfully,which brings him a greatly successful sense and brings audiences a beautiful sense of miracle,worship and happiness. Dear customers,since you have purchased our products,please read the manual carefully and practice it again an again. Then you will get closer to the title of “Great Magician” and you will become the focus among people and idol of your friend.


The coin given by an audience can magically disappear in the performer’s hand,but the disappeared coin will immediately get back.


A flexible disappear device


Step One: Hang the disappear device on the buckle as picture 1.

Picture 1

Step Two: Put a coin on your head or under a piece of paper.


Step One: pull out the magnet bag (as picture 2) and clamp it with the front ends of index finger and middle finger of your left hand; use your thumb to press it. This action should be nature enough that the audiences will not find it. And you should hide the springback line under your arm.

Picture 2

Step Two: Ask a silver dollar from an audience.

Step Three: Loosen the thumb of your left hand and put the coin on the magnet bag quickly (the coin should completely cover the bag) as picture 3.

Picture 3

Step Four: cover the coin with your right palm gently and open your index finger and middle finger at the same time. Then the coin will automatically rebound to the disappear device on your wais

Step Five: When you open your palm,the coin has already disappeared.

Step Six: When you want the coin back,you can slightly lower your head to make the coin on your head fall into your hand or open the paper prepared in advance and say: “The coin is under the paper.”

Note: It’s better to wear a long coat when playing this magic.

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