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12V 24V 10A Waterproof Auto Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charger Controller

12V 24V 10A Waterproof Auto Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charger Controller

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Warnings for usage:

  • The batteries has stored much energy,please keep the batteries from the short circuit under any circumstances,we strongly recommend connecting the   batteries with the fuse.     
  • Please avoid the short circuit wire and the terminal,for the wire and the terminal may generate voltage two times higher than the rated voltage of the controller. Please use the insulated tools while operating the controller       
  • Ensure the children keep away from the battery and the controller                                                                             
  • Please comply with the manufacturer`s safety advice.
  • Because of the equipment work may have a fever, please keep ventilation.     
  • The device pay attention to water, moisture, in order to avoid damage to the equipment.                                           

Suitable range:                                                                                                                        

  • The controller is only applicable to solar power, rated voltage of 12V or 24V systems, battery of gel batteries, liquid openings or sealed lead-acid batteries.                                                             
  • Note: product can not be adapted to the various systems. Please offer the category of the battery before ordering.                           


  •  Widely used in power generation unmanned, remote mountain villages, wild and   domestic. For example, LED lighting, compact lighting systems, emergency lighting, garden lighting, stair lighting, camouflage lights, street lighting, wireless communication security alarm, border police, traffic warning lights, traffic lights, traffic yellow flashing  lights, obstruction lights and so on. 


  • Equipped with the MCU, artificially controlled. 12V/24V automatic identification system voltage.
  • Equipped with device to avoid the overcharge, over release, electronic short circuit, Over loading, battery inversely connecting, solar battery inversely connecting.
  • Use the battery discharge rate characteristics to correct discharge control. 
  • Improved three-step charging algorithm, once a week the battery equalizing charge, effectively prevent the battery inequality and sulfuration, improve battery life.
  • MOSFET used as the electronic switch , Without any mechanical switch, without any protection action delay.    
  • Three operating modes can be selected: normally open mode, the pure light control   mode, light control plus timing mode and manual control mode.

Install and Method of using:   

  • The preparation of the conducting wire: calculate the length of the wire, and then figure out the installation place. Making sure the length of the wire is reasonable to decrease the loss of the electricity.
  • Before connecting the battery firstly, please pay attention to the anode and the cathode to avoid inverse connection. If reversed, the controller lights without any indication, will not damage Internal control components. If correctly connected, POWER indicator will light.
  • Before connecting the wire of the solar panel, please pay attention to the anode and the cathode to avoid the inverse connection. If the connection is correct, the indicator light of “CHARGE” will be on or flash 10 seconds later after laying outside under the sun. otherwise, please check the connection. Making sure the solar energy panel is laid outdoors under the sunshine.
  • Before connecting the load at the end, please pay attention to the anode and the cathode to avoid the inverse connection .if inversely connected, the led lamp may be damaged.
  • Before installed, system need to be checked carefully. Identify problems, timely maintenance and repair.

Mode Introduction and setting:

  • The controller has four kinds of discharge mode, as shown below the table:
  • Normal open type (17): Power load has remained the output state. This mode
  • Manual mode (18): No output power load by load switching button to switch. This mode adapts for Household LED lighting.
  • Only light control mode (16): When there is no sunlight, the light intensity dropped astarting point and the controller starts the load. When there is sunshine, light intensity rose to a starting point and the controller turns off load.
  • Light control + time control (01 ~ 15): Starting the process is the same as pure  light control. The controller turns off load by setting the work time automatically from 1 to 15 hours.

Package includes:

  • 1x Solar Controller
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